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David teaching songwriting 1 on 1


Reach out to me to schedule a free 10-minute call to talk about your goals and interests.

“Nearly everything that I’ve done was to see what would happen if I did this instead of that.”

- Robert Rauschenberg

As the artist Robert Rauschenberg suggests, creativity is decision-making; one decision leads to the next. People usually become blocked because they haven’t given their creative minds any decisions to work on. Songwriting is creative problem-solving, choosing this versus that. The goal of my 1-ON-1 teaching is to bring to your creative process the full range of possibilities for you to choose between.

"Should I add a walk up from E minor to G here?"

"What if I passed through a secondary dominant chord on my way to A minor?"


"Should I use the major or minor II chord here?"

"How can I move to the bridge section in a less predictable way?"

"What's the impact of a shortened line length on the last line of a verse?"

These are the kinds of questions that occur to experienced songwriters throughout the songcrafting process. Working 1-ON-1, I can teach you which questions to ask and when to ask them when it comes to your songs, your music.

Over time, your knowledge of all the possibilities will expand and deepen so you can apply it to pen and paper every time you sit down to write.

I look forward to working with you.

50-minute songwriting lesson or consultation.

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