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Reach out to me to schedule a free 10-minute call to talk about your goals and interests.

Many songwriters starting out today are working at a significant disadvantage because their guitar-playing knowledge and abilities lag behind their songwriting skills and ambitions. Over time, this can result in many of your songs sounding more or less the same. Now, if you're a master lyricist like John Prine, as one stellar example, this deficit can be overcome through sheer brilliance. For the rest of us mortals, possessing a solid, theory-based understanding of the guitar is really helpful for writing songs that are inspired, original, unique, and memorable.

Here are just some of the topics we can cover that will have a huge impact on the sophistication of your songwriting and how it's received by audiences.

  • The CAGED + 5 chords and how they relate

  • Which chords work in which keys

  • Crafting original progressions

  • Establishing the song's vibe

  • Strumming patterns

  • Alternating bass parts

  • Hybrid picking

  • Chord inversions

  • Neglected chords (e.g. the Diminished 7 chord) and how to use them

  • Transitional chords (walking up and down; passing notes)

  • Discovering your unique style, approach and guitar sound

  • Chord embellishments

  • Using rhythmic syncopation


$35 for one 30-minute lesson

$55 for one 50-minute lesson

$200 for a 4-lesson package of 50-minute lessons (paid in advance)

Book a lesson today to turn your guitar into a powerful songwriting engine.

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