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Making music can change your life. Whether you're just starting out on guitar, or putting pen to paper for the first time as a budding songwriter, music has a way of enriching every life it touches -- starting with yours. What we do with our time helps define who we are and music-making is one of the most accessible, rewarding and life-expanding activities there is. 

Here are some thoughts shared by a few of my students: 

"I came to David with absolutely no guitar skill and with his help I wrote my own song that I'm proud of and played at an open mic night. He's a great guy and a great teacher, I can't recommend him enough!" - Ava H.

"I’m pleased to share my positive experience with David Rossiter, my son’s (age 11) guitar teacher. Since starting lessons with him, my son’s enthusiasm for music has grown significantly and his progress is remarkable. David’s patience and tailored approach to teaching has made all the difference. He adapts his methods to my son’s learning style and musical tastes. Each lesson is engaging and fun." - Rachel E.

"I went to this songwriting event that David Rossiter had last Saturday and it was awesome! I got a lot out of it and have been reflecting on the stages of the Hero’s Journey ever since, and how some stages have applied to my own songwriting and/or life. I can’t wait to reflect on it more intently, next time I write a song! I highly recommend this if you see that he offers this opportunity again. Well worth it!"  - Shannon L.

"I started lessons with David as an older beginner (mid-50s) in the summer of 2021. I appreciate his teaching style: structuring lessons with a curriculum in mind that incorporates technique, music theory, song structure, performance strategies, and the simple joy of playing. He's always willing to customize lessons around my musical interests. The short video summaries and other materials he provides are very helpful and eliminate the anxiety around having to commit everything to memory during the lesson." - Tom S.

I have been a bit creatively stalled, sitting and listening to David is helping me break out of my creative funk. Thanks! - Chris C. 

“My name is Ari (9) and I have been studying guitar with David for more than a year. I always look forward to my lessons with him. He chooses music for us to play that I really like and teaches me new kinds of music that I've never heard before. He makes me a better guitar player and I really like it when we jam out together. For all those reasons, he is a great teacher.” . - Ari P.

If you know how to play but want to learn some good songwriting skills, then this course is for you. - William S. (Udemy course student)

"I started lessons with David in December 2020, working with an old guitar and Zoom. David’s patience and flair for keeping the lessons interesting really helped me overcome the challenges of learning remotely. As an older learner, I appreciate him sending videos of the lesson’s key points and fingering charts for the chords to help while I practice. I highly recommend David to anyone interested in learning to play the guitar." - John A.

"I Iike the straightforward idea of creativity as non-goal-oriented decision-making and noodling around with vague ideas. The tone of the teacher is down-to-earth and direct. - Brent S.

"I've been meaning to “up” my guitar playing skills for a while. I'm retired with extra time on my hands and own a nice guitar but needed a teacher to make it happen. David has been the answer to my needs. Weekly lessons, with follow-up videos to enhance at-home practice, have done the trick. David quickly figured out my deficits and got a plan established and implemented to address my needs and goals. David’s approach includes clear instructional communication, excellent visual examples, and efforts made to break things down which, when all said and done, contribute to a good learning arrangement. " - John C.

"I appreciate Rossiter's positive attitude and encouragement from the very start. I was surprised that after a short pep talk, he has the student begin writing verses almost immediately. I realize that there are loads more lessons to come but it's gratifying to be able to start creating at such an early stage of this course." - Carol S. (Udemy course student)

"This course has taken some of the obscured mysticism that I thought was behind songwriting and made it clear to me. I feel like I have a path now with songwriting." - Jeremiah L.

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