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"For decades I have been asking for someone to help me get “over the hump” with some of my songs when I don’t know where to go - this is a perfect example of that. Thank you for the input - it is great! I will work on it today! Again, thank you!"
- Peter K.

Many songwriters struggle to get their first or next song off the ground. Others find it difficult to finish songs they're working on. I can help you gain the inspiration, motivation, and songwriting know-how you need to put your own music out into the world.

This brief course unlocks the power of guitar technique as a songwriting tool. Many songs start off as sounds coming off the fretboard. Learn how to build guitar knowledge and techniques to inspire your songwriting Muse. 

Being a songwriter isn’t just about understanding some basic tips and techniques of the craft. You also need to cultivate the momentum and excitement to inspire you to consistently do the work. That's how you get good.

Consider for a moment what's behind your desire to communicate to the world through song. The answer is different for each of us, but some of the more commonly shared motivations are...

  • I have something to say, to express

  • I love music and want to go beyond just covering other people's songs

  • I have a gift that I want to share

  • I seek the recognition and respect accorded artists in my community

  • I've always wanted to write songs and now is the time


Whatever your reasons, you’ve come to the right place to gain the skills, knowledge, inspiration and drive to become a writer of powerful, original songs that move audiences.

David songwriting Up North

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