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Write Your First or Next Great Song

Everything you'll need to write songs you can be proud to play anywhere for anyone. Take the next step in creating a powerful voice and style unique to you. 

Some of what you'll learn...

  • Setting your songwriting goals

  • Getting and staying inspired

  • Making creativity routine

  • Destroying writer's block

  • Courting your Muse

  • Your most important songwriting tool (hint: it's not your guitar)

  • Choosing a mentor

  • Keeping it original; even as you steal

  • Creating simple and advanced chord progressions

  • Working with major and minor keys

  • Time signatures as creative fuel

  • The Not-So-Secret Songwriter's Super Hot Sauce For Success

  • Close relatives: scales and chords

  • Rhythms and strumming patterns

  • The most versatile hybrid picking pattern in the world

  • Finding melodic magic

  • Mastering rhyme scheming

  • Storytelling in verse

  • What to write about

  • Song structures explained

  • Editing and polishing

  • Solving the "final verse problem"

  • Pitching the song to your vocal range

  • Getting it ready for the stage

Two years in development, this course is not only about how to quickly write your first (or next) great song—it’s about that for sure—but it’s also about how to build on that momentum—how to sustain a lifelong love and practice of songwriting. Pete Seeger once said, “All songwriters are links in a chain.” I’ll be talking with you about how to become one of those vital links by building on what’s come before.

Feeling that connection to the tradition of songwriting is incredibly motivating and motivation is what will set you apart from the masses of people who think they want to be a songwriter but give up on it almost immediately. I’m going to help you get over that hump and then give you the tools and perspective to thrive as a songwriter for the rest of your life.

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Workshop Details

5 One-Hour Workshop Sessions (live and remote)

  • Lectures detailing the kind of knowledge you need

  • Questions and Answers each session

  • A proven, 10-step program to complete your song

  • 8 home assignments that build on one another

  • Numerous printable downloadables

  • A certificate of completion

  • Workshop size is limited to 8 students

  • Opt to perform your new song in a follow-up public concert

  • Price: $85

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