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Motivator: Perfection Doesn't Exist

Perfectionism is very closely related to fear of failure. In this case, it's just, “It’s never good enough and so I'll just keep working on it. And I'll never put it out. I'm always working on it and I'm always making it better.”

That's a black hole that you can fall into. Most people who complete things, often don't ever return to the work because as soon as they do they go, “Oh, I wish I could have done that, or I wish that had been different, or I wish I'd thought of that.” They tend to just let stuff go and put it out into the world because it'll drive them crazy if they keep working on it.

What's really cool is that you might come back to something five years later and go, "Holy cow, that's amazing. How did I ever do that?" But, in the moment, sometimes perfectionism will really stop you in your tracks playing a central role in you not putting your work out.

And if you don't put your work out, nobody's going to hear it.

And if nobody hears it, nobody's going to respond to it.

And you're never going to get that positive feedback that’s so critical to moving your songwriting forward.

Yeah, and occasionally somebody will really hate it. You'll hear about it.

Big deal.

Who cares?

They’ve probably never taken a single creative risk in their lives.

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