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Motivator: Make Time

make time

This is a huge one. We live in probably the most distracted age any human has ever experienced. We're surrounded by distractions. You've got to get rid of theml Turn off your internet Turn off your phone. Sequester yourself in a space and make it happen.

There's a story a Keith Richards tells about when he and Mick Jagger were making the transition from being a band that covered American blues tunes to people who wrote and performed their own songs. Their manager, Andrew Loog Oldham, knew this was the key to taking them to the top. So, he literally locked the two of the in a kitchen and would not allow them to leave that kitchen until they finished one song. The first song they came up with together—and it reportedly took all night—was: The Last Time; not too shabby. Follow this link and give it a listen.

You need do that yourself. Make time for your creativity. Make it inviolable in your life. Lock yourself away every now and then. It’s good for the soul…and the art you’ve decided to make.

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